How To Trace Photos Online 2014

Method 1 : (By Copy Image Location).

Step 1. Open image you want to trace.

Step 2. Right click and select Copy Image Location.

Step 3. Now go to Google Images, (

Step 4. Click on camera icon in search bar.

Black Camera Icon
Camera Icon

Step 5. Paste image location here and click on search by image.

Method 2 : (By Uploading Image).

Step 1. Go to Google Images, (

Step 2. Click on camera icon in search bar.

Step 3. Click on upload an image tab & browse image.

Upload Tab
Upload An Image Tab

Note : You can find duplicate photos on the web.You can also trace Facebook fake images by this method.

How To Edit Any Website Easily 2014

Today i will guide you how to edit any website with JavaScript Code. 

Step 1. Go to page, You want to edit.

Step 2. Press F12 Key. (Inspect Element)

Step 3. Go to console tab.

Step 4. Download script and paste into console tab.

Javascript Code
Console Tab
                                   Click Here To Download Script

Step 5. Press enter.

Step 6. Now you can edit website.


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