How To Trace Photos Online 2014

Method 1 : (By Copy Image Location).

Step 1. Open image you want to trace.

Step 2. Right click and select Copy Image Location.

Step 3. Now go to Google Images, (

Step 4. Click on camera icon in search bar.

Black Camera Icon
Camera Icon

Step 5. Paste image location here and click on search by image.

Method 2 : (By Uploading Image).

Step 1. Go to Google Images, (

Step 2. Click on camera icon in search bar.

Step 3. Click on upload an image tab & browse image.

Upload Tab
Upload An Image Tab

Note : You can find duplicate photos on the web.You can also trace Facebook fake images by this method.

How To Edit Any Website Easily 2014

Today i will guide you how to edit any website with JavaScript Code. 

Step 1. Go to page, You want to edit.

Step 2. Press F12 Key. (Inspect Element)

Step 3. Go to console tab.

Step 4. Download script and paste into console tab.

Javascript Code
Console Tab
                                   Click Here To Download Script

Step 5. Press enter.

Step 6. Now you can edit website.

Memory Card Recovery With Crack Download

Memory Card Recovery Download Free
Memory Card Recovery

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Memory Card Recovery is a simple software to recover deleted and lost data from any Memory Card or USB Disk.It is very easy to use and simple to install.It is most popular utility now a days.The download and installation process will take a few minutes.

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YouTube Downloader 4.0 (Full Version) Download For Free

YouTube Downloader 4.0 Download Free With Key
YouTube Downloader 4.0

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YouTube Downloader is a video downloading software.With YTD (Full Version), you can download any type of video from Youtube.It is very easy to use.You can also convert your downloaded files and watch it on your mobile phones.It is most popular softwares in the world.The download and installation process will take few minutes.Simple click on download button to download the software.

Advantages :

1. Extremely easy to use and install.
2. Downloader and Convert your videos.

Requirements :

1. Intel Pentium 2.33 MHZ.
2. Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
3. Adobe Flash Player 9+.
4. 64MB of RAM.

Mario Forever 4 Free Download

Mario Forever 4 Download Free
Mario Forever 4

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Mario Forever is the best game for kids.It is very old computer game.It is very popular now a days.You can download it easily from my blog.

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1. Winrar file.
2. Easy to download and play.

Requirements :

1. Windows XP, 7, 2000.
2. 16MB of Graphic Card.
3. 128MB of RAM.
4. 100MB of free hard disk space.

Tom And Jerry PC Game Free Download

Tom And Jerry Game Free Download
Tom And Jerry

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Tom and Jerry is a PC based Disney game.It was released in 2000.It is most popular game in the world.You can download full version of this game from my site.

Advantages :

1. Easy to install.
2. Winrar safe file.

Requirements :

1. Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.
2. Pentium 3 or higher.
3. 16MB Graphics Card.
4. 128MB of RAM.
5. 100MB hard disk space.


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